We care and we are responsible for the good of the community in which we are developing

We care and we are responsible for the good of the community in which we are developing


Social responsibility

For us, the social responsibility is not just charities and donations, enviromental projects, nor helping elders or those in difficulty. For us, social responsability encompasses all those mentioned, but never limited to them. With an active social behavior in all the years of activity, participating in numerous acts to support the protection and improvement of environmental conditions, donations, sponsorships, participation in charity events to promote sports, arts etc.. our desire is to help, develop and improve our community. 


 “You can color a child’s life”

Civitas joined the humanitarian campaign implemented by Radio Sud, which consist in collecting toys, school supplies and clothes for children attending kindergarten and schools in Orodel, Verbita, Seaca de Padure and Brabova. The campaign period is 20 October 2016 – 1 June 2017

The campaign  has three donation stages (1-20 December 2016, 1-5 March 2017, 1-5 June 2017), so the localities will be different and in march 2017 we will select the next 3, 4 based on children needs.

Collecting boxes will be placed in Electroputere Mall, Galeriile Auchan Craiovita, Mercur Center and Radio Sud office Campia Islaz, nr. 97 A.





During the winter holidays, Civitas’ employees joined  Anya’s Foundation campaign “Get involved, make a human gesture” by donating funds.

Toys and sweets were given to some beautiful children, unfortunately not as happy  as the healthy ones.





Oltenia Power Fight Sports Gala raises funds for Eduard!

POWER GYM the Sports Club in partnership with the Anya Foundation Craiova organized Oltenia Power Fight Sports Gala on October 17, 2015 at the Polyvalent Hall of Craiova. The event goal was the humanitarian fundraising campaign for Eduard Suditu.

Eduard Suditu is a 4 year old boy whose only chance to walk could come at Anadolu Medical Center, Istanbul, Turkey after medical tests and investigations.

Civitas and its employees joined the Anya Foundation in this endeavor and the amount of the rasised money was handed the boy’s mother.




“Together for a Safer Community”
16 to 18 September 2015, Poeni

Volunteers from Civitas joined OMV Petrom initiative in organizing the campaign “Together for a safer community”, held 16-18 September 2015 at Poeni, Teleorman county.

The actions were necessary to the community and things that were donated by sponsors: collecting and donating books to the school library, reconditioning the smoke detection system in school’s toilets and to open thedialogue with the community on security issues..

Civitas volunteers were actively involved in cleaning the theater – ArtClub Poeni, installing the Viva playground in the kindergarten yard,the playground refurbishment and improvement from the vilage center.


Civitas gives a toy for a lot of joy!


Civitas joined gladly the campaign “Give the joy of a toy” started by Ford Romania and Gazeta deSud Foundation releasing to the team the news that we need to collect used toys for very poor children of Dolj county.

Although short notice, the speed of reaction is high in Civitas.

We care and are happy if we can bring smiles on children faces, that are our county future.







For the World Heart Day, Civitas and  Polystart Foundation have been with hundreds of people in Craiova who ran for a healthy heart.



When an employee or his family has a health problem, knows that he can count on the help of the foundation Polystart. The company’s most important resource is its people, without which other resources can not be valued. Only in 2011 and early in 2012 we could help our colleagues and their families with medical problems with the amount of 56,000 RON. Financial aid was granted for investigation, diagnosis or treatment of diseases such as Pierre-Robin syndrome, coarctation of the aorta, cystic fibrosis, spastic quadriplegic syndrome, paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, etc..


Polystart Foundation has made available to the high school of sports “PETRACHE TRISCU ” in Craiova sports equipment, seven pieces full sword.

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Polystart Foundation supports since 2010 POWER GYM CLUB activity, both current activity and in 2014 the  participation of Catalin Oprea (POWER  GYM CLUB Craiova) to the World Championship of Muay Thai that took place from 14 to 24 March 2014 to Pattaya, where he won the silver medal.



Polystart Foundation sponsored the organization of the fifth edition of the National Chemistry Contest “Petru Poni”, following the sponsorship of the second edition in 2011.



The foundation is proud with the organization of the County Team Contest “Jean Negulescu” :Classic Chess Veterans and Memorial Cup by partnering with the Chess Association of  Dolj County in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 providing them the best conditions for the contest in “Proiect” building.


Polystart Foundation stands by poet Constantin Preda, granting financial support for the publication of the volume of love poems “I want to give names of flowers to your knees.”

Constantin Preda (born January 12, 1961, in the village Damian Sadova, Dolj County) began publishing in “Flame” (No. 41-8 October 1981 page 19, with a presentation by Fanus Neagu) and editorial in 1984 with a volume of poems “My sister, nightfall” (Publisher “Romanian Writing”), pushed by writers like Fanus Neagu, Marin Sorescu, Eugene Black and Emil Gheorghe Pitut Brumaru.

In an attempt to define the poet, his love poems of love are always near at hand, representing the beautiful holidays in heartbreaking evidence of singularity. Constantin Preda poetry does not follow the rules, but is guided by its own rules, beautiful and durable structured.

All his books so far, from “My sister, nightfall” to “Karenina, Constantine’s Anna” urge to shiver, to dream, to high meditation.

The Polystart Foundation continues the donation series for the renovation of the Pediatrics Clinic from the “Filantropia” Hospital


Polystart Foundation supplements the funds for renovating the Pediatrics Clinic of the “Filantropia” Hospital,  raised by the Craiova Rotary Club in partnership with Craiova CitiHall, at the “All Star Game” sports event, which took place on 18th March 2013 and after which were raised over 80.000 lei through the VIP tickets and charity auctions.

Hundreds of children are treated annually by the medical staff, in unsuitable hygienic conditions, in a clinic where there are no basic facilities.

With the raised funds, the Pediatrics Clinic in Craiova will benefit of the renovation of four salons, each with its own bathroom, and also, the purchase of necessary medical equipment.

The construction works will begin on 24th July 2013 and will end at the second half of August 2013.


Special gifts for special students

Near the Winter Holidays, the Polystart Foundation organized a fundraising to support the development of the children from the “High School for the Visually Impaired”. The obtained amount was used to buy school supplies and special toys, so necessary for these students, which received them with much enthusiasm and happiness.

We invest in Culture – the soul of our community!

Our involvement in cultural projects aims at developing local artistic manifestations. Following this direction, we participate as key partners at the most important cultural events in which we invested more than 50.000 Ron:

  • The International “Shakespeare” Festival , that took place at “Marin Sorescu” Theater in Craiova, has become a wonderful tradition for which we support its main
    objective, that is to provide  inter national and romanian royal entartainment, and also programing Theatrical Workshops with educative-formative character for students.
    • While many students barely manage to pass the national tests, the prestigious schools in Craiova boast exceptional students, which, besides their native intelligence, are constantly hard working to make performance. Mr. dr. Horia Parvanescu, in partnership with Polystart Foundation, considered the awards received by these children as inappropriate compared to their achievements, that’s why at the “Pledoarie pentru calitate” art exhibition, that took place at the Art Galleries of the Military Circle Craiova, the children who obtained the Ist , 2nd, 3rd   place at the National Olympics were awarded a diploma and amounts between 150 and 400 lei.
  • In 2011, we supported the 2nd Edition of the National Chemistry Contest “Petru Poni” which took place in Craiova, for the students of the technological classes. Craiova’s students whom participated at the 1st Edition of the Contest ranked our county on the first place. The students that won are from the  Auto Transportations School Group from Craiova:Mic Claudia Alexandra, Mic Oana Camelia and Cazan Mirela Vali.

 Together to support performance

Over time, The Polystart Foundation supported with almost 105.440 the athletic performances from Craiova, so that the athletes can have access to all the necesary conditions to prepare at a high level, so they can obtain higher results:


  • Loredana Dinu, component of the Gold Medal quartet at the World Cup in Catania,part of the Olympic team of Senior Girls Sword, legitimized at the “Universitatea” Craiova Club is proudly supported by the Foundation for her activity.
  • Craiova Municipal School Sports Club has received our support at every event they had in the past few years, rewarding the little ones for the achieved results.
  • Foundation prides itself with organizing the Veterans Teams County Competition on Chess Classic (2011) and the “Jean Craciunescu” Memorial Cup, through our partnership with the county association of chess where we were present both in 2011 and in 2012, offering them the best conditions of development in the hall of “Proiect” Building.
  •  At the “University” Sports Club Craiova, we support both the Fencing section and the Handball section.

The people are for us the most important resource and value

The Foundation has dedicated itself since its esyablishment with consistent sums, both solving or improving serious medical cases,and in partnership with other professionals to create optimal conditions for treatment or diagnostic:


  •  Together with Development and Psychotherapy through Action Association, the “Eternal Childhood Ball” was organized, the 2nd edition, where they were present on the scene name as Ducu bertzi and Mihai Nenita, Cristian Sanda, Oltenia Big Band, then the program was completed by a charity auction. The funds were used to purchase medical equipment for the children with neuromotor disabilities.
  • The Foundation has also sponsored the 2nd Department of Surgery at the Emergency County Hospital in Craiova with medical equipment (external  insulated metal sheath and isolated outer tube )  that worth 1000 euros. This case was sustained because all the hopes of the  people and children that need treatments and surgeries  are heading to this section.


Holyday gifts

The “Holidays for them too”, initiated by “Gazeta de Sud” Foundation, is at the end, a happy e

nding, because all of our gifts have now arrived, around holidays, at the children and elders from state institutions. As every year, we tried to alleviate their suffering, bring light and a smile on their faces. It is a tradition for the Foundation to become, around Christmas, a messenger from Santa. So, we loaded the bag with many gifts and we steped into the orphanages “Prichindel” and “Vis de copil” in Craiova, but we also got to see the elders from SPAMS. For the little ones from the “Prichindel” Center, our gift consisted in supplying furniture to a playground. This should be used by the kids for a long period of time, being not just a momentary joy. The playground will be arranged in spring, so that both the children from “Prichindel” and “Vis de copil” can use it. In addition to this gift, we also placed candies and goodies in Santa’s bag. We haven’t forgot neither the elders from SPAMS. We brought them pijamas, hygene items and even a fridge, which will come very useful. If they were forgotten by their loved ones, we didn’t forgot about them. We couldn’t bring the Christmas spirit closer to the souls of these children and elders if the Gazeta de Sud Foundation didn’t had partners like Real Hypermarket and Polystart Company. “We are glad that we have participated at “Holidays for them too” campaign with the Gazeta de Sud Foundation and, in this manner, we had the possibility to bring them joy near Christmas holidays to the little ones in foster homes, but also to the elders from institutions” declared Raluca Donovici, an official from Polystart Craiova.
“As every year, with Gazeta de Sud Foundation, we’ve been more generous and good, because we do care about the ones in need, and the “Holidays for them too” campaign gave us the opportunity to give.” declared the Real Hypermarket official.
In our fundraising campaign we’ve received support also from the pastry and restaurants chain El Greco, Razvan Tugui and all the Craiova people who left money in the special urns placed in Real Hypermarket.



New wards for children with cancer

“ There have been works done on insulating the exterior walls with mineral wool and plasterboard, thereby resolving the dampness problem. The interior walls were painted, the mattresses were changed, bed linen, there have been bought quilts, fitted blinds and the furniture was partially changed”, explained an OncoHope official. Besides the five rooms completely rearranged and the treatment room, respectively the kids play room, and a family who wished to remain anonymous, donated an infusion pump for chemotherapy.”
“Mold was always a problem which I hope now is solved, by achieving thermal insulation. It’s a pleasant environment, absolutely necessary for the children, considering their health.”, declared prof. dr. Polixenia Stancu, chief of Pediatric Clinic II.

A greener Craiova!

To show that we can not stay indifferent to what happens around us, Gazeta de Sud and Civitas Foundation initiated a project which aims to bring a breath of oxygen, literally, for Craiova. This project can help any company which is wasting paper. With the money received from paper recycling, companies can donate to the Gazeta de Sud Foundation. The amounts collected will be used to purchase young trees which will be planted this year in two stages, in some areas of Craiova, depending on the choice of city residents. Join them in the project “A Greener Craiova. “

A campaign for a greener city

The Gazeta de Sud Foundation initiated the “A greener Craiova” program, which seeks to restore to the nature what we are taking from it through the approximately 1000 tons of paper waste produced monthly in Craiova. This project it is conducted in partnership with Civitas.

Heart to heart

December 2008

The Heart for Heart campaign initiated by the Foundation “Gazeta de Sud”, supported by the Polystart Group ended. This year, we arrived thanks to the lists with social cases, obtained from the City Hall of Craiova, into the homes of over 300 families. Elder people, lonely, sick, helpless and sad children will enjoy surprised or suspicious saying shy, that no one has given nothing to them for years.

Crăciunii without Christmas

December 2008

Ionut Marius Craciun is 14 years old and he is in the period when he must pull hard to catch a place in highschool. He is in the VIIth grade at the “Henri Coanda” Highschool Group from Craiova and has to participate at the single topic theses. Until now it went very well. He scored 8.33 at Romanian Language, and now he is waiting anxiously the results at math. The boy had meningitis. He recovered, but he still has a weakness and the regret that, because the illness, he couldn’t prepare better for the exams. At least at his favourite subject – Romanian Language.
The Craciun family never asked anyone for nothing. That’s why it was very difficult for us to convince them to accept our help and yours. The Gazeta de Sud Foundation and Polystart Group have raised money and products to make this people and others like them to feel at least a small part of the winter holidays’s joy.

Happy blue eyes

January 2008

Denisa Anastasiu’s story and her family appeared in the pages of Gazeta de Sud newspaper, in Christmas Ewe, and big hearted people knocked at their ANL single room apartment and offered money. Not very much, but at least their gesture meant a lot for the young family and gave the parents hope, that eventually , they will manage to get the money for the childs surgeries. “Then came a man who gave us one million lei and sweets for Denisa and a lady who brought us 50 euros, a toy and a bag of sweets. It meant a lot for us and we would like to thank them, but we don’t even know their names because they wished to remain anonymous.”said Maria Anastasiu, Denisa’s mother.
“Thank you so much for helping us!”
The miracle came even sooner, when, through a phonecall, Gazeta de Sud Foundation announced her that they have been able to raise the 50 million lei necessary for the lens implant surgery for both Denisa’s eyes. The Foundation in partnership with Civitas P.S.G. have donated this money. “I don’t even know what to say , thank you so much for helping us! After you phonecalled, we programmed Denisa to a medical consultation at Bucharest. We will be leaving Monday morning because we can’t afford to lose any moment. Not even at kindergarden she can’t cope, she can’t do anymore exercises, she can’t see how to color, she has headaches , she throws up and all this because of her eyes. We don’t how to thank you enough”, said the mother of the little girl.

Say no to violence in Romanescu Park

Septembrie 2006

September 2006 The Preventing Crime week organized by the Police Inspectorate of Dolj County, with the support of the volunteers from the Association Youths Fight Against the Vices of the 3rd Millenium, World Vision, the Association of Youths with Initiative, “Cuvantul care zideste” Foundation, “Vasiliada” Association, and Polystart Group, ended yesterday. The Craiova people that were in “N. Romanescu” Park in Craiova were “attracted” by a demonstration of canine training and a canine exhibition organised by the Association of Canine Education Center and the Romanian National Sheperd Dog Club, and after that police officers shared baloons to children with “No to violence” message written on them, and for women they gave flowers.


Craiova Police - Mission of prevention

Septembrie 2006

The police officers from Road Police Service Dolj organised yesterday, for the Preventing Crime week , an act of “softening” for the Craiova drivers. After 13:00 o’clock, the police crews, together with the volunteers from the Association Youths Fight Against the Vices of the 3rd Millenium, World Vision, the Association of Youths with Initiative, “Cuvantul care zideste” Foundation, “Vasiliada” Association, and Polystart Group spread leaflets and flyers to drivers in traffic about consuming alcohol and excessive speed.

Release of Hostages in Craiova

September 2006

The police officers from the Police Inspectorate Dolj, in collaboration with the rapid intervention agents of Civitas PSG, had organized on Saturday, with the occasion of Preventing Crime week, a simulated hostage taking at the Transilvania Bank in Craiova. It all started from the security system alarm installed in the bank, which alerted the Civitas dispatch. Immediately, the rapid intervention crews were announced, reaching the spot in a few minutes.
In the moment the agents realized they are confronting with a hostage taking situation, they asked for the help of police. Till the arrival of the police officers from the Police Detachment for Rapid Intervention (DPIR), the exterior perimeter of the building was secured and all the acces ways were blocked. After the prompt intervention of the police officers and a few gun shots, the hostages were set free in applause. Trough the action on Saturday they wish to highlight the alarm systems and the guard companies. We followed to approach the police and the citizens, through the example of the law enforcement.

We gave hope

April 2006

The Gazeta de Sud Foundation and Polystart Group help the flood victims in Dolj
The Hope Caravan stopped at each tent, each waggon, each shelter on the field. There were hands reaching, removing tears from cheeks, relieving – each after powers – deep sufferings. And still after powers, people started to hope…
Hundreds of packages reached Ghidici.
The flood victims hosted in Ghidici Dolj village received yesterday food, tents and sleeping bags from the Gazeta de Sud Foundation. Hundreds of packages were shared to the villagers who were left homeless after the Danube flood a week ago. A first trance of help were shared to the 470 people from Rast village, which were received by the residents of Ghidici in their homes.
Other packages reached the 150 villagers in Rast, who refused to step to far away from their destroyed households, choosing instead to improvise shelters on the fields, near the Danube’s waters. The number of villagers who were forced to live on the fields continues to increase from an hour to another, many of them not having nowhere to find a shelter. Many of them, still shocked from what has happened, had the power to wish a happy Easter to the ones who were helping.